9 Tips to become a Professional Tourism Tour Guide

9 Tips to become a Professional Tourism Tour Guide

9 Tips to become a Professional Tourism Tour Guide

Tourism – A tour guide or in English Tour Guide is a person who is an intermediary between tourists and the Tour Travel party. Where the duty of a tour guide is to be responsible for the tour and bring a pleasant atmosphere. The important role is, the Tour Guide becomes a representation of the Travel company itself.

Because they have a representative or representative role, a tour guide must be professional in their work. Well, for those of you who have an interest in working in this field, let’s describe the guide to becoming a tour guide on this occasion. To know more about political law you can visit this site folderaccess

Being a Tour Guide is a job that must have integrity because the good or bad of a trip that is judged by tourists will also depend on the performance of the tour guide. and here is a guide to becoming a professional tour guide:

Determine the Work Area

First, the tour travel will determine the work area which is usually only in a certain geographic or location. Thus, it is important for tour guides to understand and learn about the area.

Taking Tourism Education

The next tip to become a Tour Guide is to participate in tourism training or education. In the process later, you will learn what competencies are needed when on duty. Because a tour guide will be required to be reliable in delivering reliable information, especially on some historical destinations that must be based on scientific information and research results, not just legends.

Have a High Willingness to Learn

During later education, you must have a strong determination and desire to learn about a location or tourism in depth. Because this is one of the characteristics of a tour guide’s professionalism. This point is important so that you are not confused when tourists ask various questions while on duty later.

Join the Escorting Program

Escorting or known as fieldwork practice in the tourism sector has 3 stages, namely:

  • See professional tour guides when guiding groups of tourists.
  • Guide some tourist activities.
  • Guide tours independently.
    Hopefully, you can make the most of this stage. Starting from seeing and learning from professionals when on duty. How things must be prepared and so on. Even when starting to guide tours with direct practice, it will usually be an experience as well as a lesson that gives an extraordinary impression.

Get License

One of the characteristics of the professionalism of a tour guide is to have a special certification or license. You can look for it in the National Professional Certification Agency which is carried out by the Tourism Professional Certification Institute.

Provide Good Service

The task of a tour guide is to provide the best service for tourists. Make them feel comfortable and make their trip this time more interesting and memorable. Pick them up on time, and be a friendly tour guide. Make an itinerary or travel guide to make it more effective, and be a good communicator as well as a giver of information. That way, customer or tourist satisfaction can be maintained.

Keep Learning Favorite Destinations

While studying at the educational institution or tour guide training that you choose, you can still focus on continuing to add information about your favorite tourist destinations that you have previously determined.

Completely master all information related to tourism from favorite tourist destinations, even add a little general information because it is not uncommon for tourists to ask things outside of tourism such as the income level of local people in these destinations and so on.

Get to know the difference between a Freelance Guide and a Staff Guide

There are two types of tour guides that you need to know, namely freelance tour guides and staff tour guides. As the name suggests, freelance tour guides are not tied to a single travel agency so you can choose when with which travel agency you want to work.

But unfortunately freelance tour guides do not have a fixed salary, so it will be very difficult to get income from tour guide work during the low season. Unlike the case with staff tour guides who have a fixed salary both during the high season and low season

Continuously Improve Quality

A reliable tour guide will never stop learning. This also relates to the work of a tour guide which is not rigid.

Although the tourist destinations where you guide tourists do not change much every time, of course, the material you convey to tourists will change. This is because you have to combine giving explanations about tourist destinations with providing entertainment to tourists

So that tourists and you don’t get bored with the delivery you provide, it never hurts to continue to improve your quality by continuing to learn new information, both general information, and information about the destination where you guide your tour.

Those are 9 tips to become a Professional Tourism Tour Guide

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