Best Beaches In The World

The Gallivant’s restaurant sources virtually all of its ingredients from within a 10-mile radius. Residents of the 20 bedrooms can lounge by log fires, read in the book-lined snug, or prop up the bar – which is dog-friendly, by the way. It gets seriously busy, and the National Trust car park is often full before 11am – get there early to be sure of bagging a spot. A good ol’ bucket and spade holiday right by a rainbow lineup of huts. Bamburgh Coach House, an airy two-bedroom conversion a mile down the road from the village. There’s a spacious garden and the bedrooms have excellent sea views.

Three Cliffs Bay, on what is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most beautiful shorelines, is relatively quiet year-round due to the fact that scaling its dunes makes for a challenging walk – but it’s worth the hike. Rugged green cliffs give way to an undulating stretch of sandy coastline, home to lots of postcard-picturesque beaches. Scarista House, hidden in a solitary spot amid heather-covered mountains, is the only hotel on the island that can claim to be five minutes from the sea. The Georgian manse, a 20-minute drive to Luskentyre beach, is located overlooking a shell-sand beach of its own, along whose shores otter footprints are often found. With two and a half miles of golden beach backed by voluminous dunes and fronted by rolling Atlantic breaks, Woolacombe Sands is a surfer’s paradise.

‘We want people to enjoy their time at the beach, but it’s important to put safety first. By following the advice the RNLI is offering, we hope people will stay safe at the beach so they remember their summer for the right reasons. With the promenade and pier in easy reach, breakwaters to calm the wind and a great view, west beach is a great place to spend the day.

We recommend booking accommodation in nearby Abbotsbury, Chickerell or Weymouth with one of our Business Partners such as There is good accessibility in the area around the Chesil Beach Centre, which is operated by Dorset Wildlife Trust. There is a boardwalk over the river to the start of Chesil beach, but no sea view. In this place nature is king, and not the soft existence of living things, but the primal, hard forces that, given enough time, grind continents to dust and carve out the very fabric of our planet’s surface. These processes were there at the very beginning of the world’s oceans, over four billion years ago, and they continue until our dying sun boils the seas away in just over five billion years’ time. Used for thousands of years for fishing, farming, and collecting oysters, it became a centre for industry in the 19th century with nearby Gweek distributing tin all over the globe.

Today you can enjoy their private and special place with your family. See where the royal children learned to swim, and enjoy the same magnificent views across the Solent. Benefitting from beautiful coastal views with close access to a variety of amenities, activities and attractions, the Hotels are the perfect place for your South West getaway. Great Western is a popular family beach lying just north of Towan beach. It is comprised of several coves offering some degree of seclusion.

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