Brownsea Island

Incorporate a mixture of cabinets and drawers to allow effortless storage for table and cookware of all shapes and sizes. You can also consider adding open shelving to display some of your most characterful kitchen essentials. A T-shaped can avoid one of the classic kitchen island mistakes of going too small in a large room and missing the opportunity to accommodate a host of activities at the heart of the room.

Fur seal science is intense from late November to January, when pups are born. The seal study beach is a five-minute walk from the station through thousands of unpredictable seals – not a job for the faint-hearted. Saturdays are kept formal, with three course meals, and birthdays and other celebrations are special events. With no doctors or field guides on Bird Island, BAS provides comprehensive training in advanced first aid, medical response, navigation, and search and rescue, particularly to wintering staff. Remote medical support is available immediately upon request at all times.

The Station Leader is on station throughout most of the summer months and the island station Facilities Engineer may spend between a week and two months ashore at Bird Island each year. These kitchen island ideas will help to inspire your choice of size, shape, finish and design, as well as island seating ideas, and create a new addition that will completely transform your cooking space. The largest conservation project in the island’s history began in September 2021 to restore rare and endangered heathland habitat.

The Visitor Centre and Engine Room are open with activities and family friendly displays on wildlife and history. Visitors can purchase a single combined ticket, which includes ferry fare. Please bring your membership card with you on the day to show at Visitor Reception. You must book a space for under 5s as although not chargeable, they must be included in the passenger count on the ferry.

One person shares their acceptance of death, whilst another is surrounded by a community in shock. In a pathology lab, microscopic biopsies in close-up show the interior of bodies, our biology. Filmed over 12 months on the Isle of Wight, is a life-affirming reflection on the phenomena of dying, portraying the transition away from personhood and observing the last days and hours of life and the moment of death.

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