BSc Hons Computer Systems, Edinburgh

This covers basic algebra and functions, elementary calculus , solution of low order differential equations, Taylor series and iterative methods, matrix algebra and simultaneous equations, vectors and complex numbers. Student learning is encouraged by regular formative assessment and supportive resources. In this module you will you conduct a research project exploring a specific topic in electronic engineering. In this module you will develop an understanding of how the internet works and its key protocols. You will look at the technologies used for web development, including scripting languages and their potential for adding dynamic content to web sites and applications. You will consider the role of web services and related technologies, and will examine the fundamental principles of network security.

Computers Systems

Students applying for Science or Engineering courses would generally be expected to have followed the Sciences direction. We will also normally ask for a mark between 17.0 and 19.0 in the Apolyterion certificate. For students taking theDiploma di Esamo di Stato, we typically require an overall score ranging from85%-98%overall. Where courses require specific subjects, we would be looking for marks between8and10in school assessment.

Course Tuition Fees

The University is pleased to offer our students a printing allowance of £5 each academic year. If students wish to print more, printer credit can be topped up by the student. The University and Student Union are champions of sustainability and we ask all our students to consider the environmental impact before printing. Functional Skills at level 2 is accepted as an alternative, however Key Skills qualifications are not. If you hold another qualification, please get in touch and we will advise further. In addition to the above, we accept tariff points achieved for many other qualifications, such as the Access to Higher Education Diploma, Scottish Highers, UAL Diploma/Extended Diploma and WJEC Applied Certificate/Diploma, to name a few.

  • Meeting specific eligibility criteria guarantees that if you are made an offer, it will be reduced by up to two grades.
  • You can choose to go on a placement in industry, either during the summer or as a year in industry.
  • If you sit written and oral examinations in a subject, you must achieve the required grades in both.
  • If you have not studied qualifications we typically accept or you do not expect to meet our requirements in your current studies you may wish to consider an International Foundation Year.
  • Royal Holloway is located within the South East regional hub of electronics businesses, meaning you’ll benefit from links to some of the top UK-based electronics companies.

Graduates from an accredited engineering course will have achieved part or all of the underpinning knowledge for later professional registration as an Incorporated Engineer or Chartered Engineer . It provides an excellent platform for graduates wishing to register with the Engineering Council as an Incorporated Engineer or to progress to Chartered Engineer status. Furthermore, the transferable skills you will develop throughout your time at Loughborough will also assist you in a wide variety of professions and career routes. This will allow you to develop careers in national and multi-national companies, defining, understanding and designing embedded electronic and computer systems for consumer and industrial products, across many different industrial sectors. If the University discontinues any courses, it will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable alternative course.

Bioelectricity and Biophotonics Engineering

In particular, the underlying principles of the course are the development of creative skills in the context of proposing ingenious solutions to tomorrow’s problems prior to the prototype and product development stages. The Clan Gregor Society is offering an award to new entrants to the University of Glasgow who descend from Clan Gregor. Prospective students will be asked to submit an application highlighting areas of consideration such as academic excellence and financial need. Eligible full-time and part-time students, undertaking an eligible postgraduate course, can apply for a tuition fee loan up to a maximum of £5,500 towards their course.

System software is any software that assists with the running or management of the computer system. This can include operating systems, security software and file management software. If you are studying an undergraduate course, you may be able to take out a loan for your tuition fees and living costs.

PPoSS encourages holistic approaches that address performance as well as important issues like correctness, accuracy, security and privacy, domain-specific design, and heterogeneity. In 2021, CISE selected four collaborative projects (to be funded at a total of $12 million over four years) to investigate scalability and other issues of parallel, heterogeneous, and edge systems. You will study interaction design, web programming, data structures and algorithms, programming languages, software design and database management systems, and two electives of your choice. We also have extracurricular projects where you can work with other engineering and science students to design and build rockets, submersible robots, autonomous payloads for satellites, rovers and more.

Additional award

You will also examine malicious software as a typical consequence of a successful software exploitation. A 2.1 equivalent degree (GPA 3.0) in either Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Mechatronics. Must have modules in electronics, maths and advanced/object oriented programming. Please note the modules listed are correct at the time of publishing, for full-time students entering the programme in Year 1. Please note the University cannot guarantee the availability of all modules listed and modules may be subject to change.

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