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Visit Krakow, with its imposing towers and cathedral spires. For long haul, you can buy cheap flights from BudgetAir to exotic places such as Kuala Lumpur or Manila in the Philippines. First, the airline determines how much an airline ticket costs.

The standard costs of reserving your seat vary depending on flight segment and your tariff in a range from EUR 10 to EUR 35. Apart from the standard seat reservation, Austrian Airlines also offers seats with extra legroom, seats in the preferred zone and the Austrian privacy seat, all of which can be reserved for an extra fee. With its seat in Katowice for purposes of direct marketing of services from S.A., including those based on analysis of my preferences and behaviors on the S.A.

Experience Denmark like never before with Austrian Airlines. A progressive Scandinavian country with a long history, Denmark has been impressing travellers with its diversity of activities and experiences since time immemorial. Visit the capital, Copenhagen, for a perfect blend of old world charm and the ultramodern. Historic sites such as Frederiksberg Palace contrast with modern structures such as the Copenhagen Opera House and the Black Diamond. Take a train to Aarhus or Aalborg on the Jutland Peninsula, or pop down to Billund and check out the original world-famous LEGOLAND – a fantastic experience for the entire family.

Its many restaurants and cafés are full of the buzz of conversation. Winter is a good time to visit, as the city is only a short drive from the ski slopes in the Alborz Mountains. But it is the old capital, Esfahan, that really steals the show. A drive or cycle ride through Umbria will reveal stunning medieval towns, perched on improbable hilltops.

The transport of foldable baby buggies not heavier than 10 kg is free of charge. Non-foldable or heavier strollers must be checked in as baggage. Your carry-on baggage should not be bigger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm and not heavier than 8 kg. A foldable suit bag not bigger than 57 x 54 x 15 cm is accepted as carry-on baggage. Additionally, you may bring one more personal object like a purse or a notebook bag not bigger than 40 x 30 x 10 cm into the cabin. The spectacular archaeological remains found throughout Egypt tell a story of civilisation that goes back 5,000 years.

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