Definitive guide to personalizing and customising your clothes

Definitive guide to personalizing and customising your clothes

Definitive guide to personalizing and customising your clothes

Gone are the days when people walk to the shops of fashion designers to ask them to fix or add designs to their clothes. Thanks to the introduction of various equipment that are widely available and easily affordable, individuals have now adopted a do-it-yourself method to adjusting their clothing.

Old fashioned and out-of-trend clothing becomes fashionable again by finding its way back on the runways. In the past decade, customizing clothing items have become the rave. You’ll be surprised at how a little detail can transform a whole look if you read some sewing service reviews.

In this article, we will explain the various ways people customize and personalize their clothing. You can also explore more on this by visiting platforms like

Ways to customize and personalize your clothes

  • Add bows to your clothes: You can add bows to a sweater by sewing ribbons to make a bow. Bows can also be added to T-shirts, shorts, pants, or jackets.
  • Pockets/Patches from other Fabrics: You can cut other fabrics to any design of your choice and sew them onto your pants, jackets, and shirts.
  • Monogram: A monogramming machine can be used to add a monogram to your cloth or place your initials on your cloth.
  • Lace:  Adding colored lace to the bottom of a short or using it to cover holes in your jeans by sewing it in can transform an old look.
  • Tied off sections: To achieve this look, cut the back of your T-shirt and use a ribbon or lace to tie the cut area, and sew them to stay in place.
  • Bleach: Soak your old worn-out clothes in bleach to change the color, or use a bleach pen to inscribe letters or designs to your clothes and allow them to dry.
  • Dye: Dyes come in various colors and have been used for ages. The instructions on how to apply dye to your clothes can be found in a dye kit.
  • Holes: you can create holes in your jeans, pants, or shirts by using scissors to cut them to a design you desire.
  • Transform baggy to fitted clothing: with a sewing machine and thread, you can make your old baggy clothes fitted by holding in some inches at the seams.
  • Change buttons: As little as buttons are, you’ll be surprised at how your clothes will have a whole new look if you change them. You can get new buttons at shops near you and attach them using thread and needle.
  • Symbols: You can get stickers of your favorite heroes or villains online or in shops and attach them to your clothing to get a whole new look.
  • Collars: Add collars using other fabrics to give old clothes a new lease of life.

The way you decide to personalize or customize your clothes depends entirely on your tastes and preferences, so long the creative outcome speaks to you and your style. So, get your equipment and start customizing and personalizing your clothes yourself

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