Family law

Our experienced team of lawyers can guarantee peace of mind for the future, knowing your wishes will be adhered to. Our family law specialists will help you to find a solution that works for you and your children, whilst perdana4peace maintaining the strongest possible co-parenting relationship. Our debt recovery specialists use their extensive knowledge of the law to provide practical advice and ensure you receive what you’re rightfully owed.

The SRA is giving more autonomy to employers in respect of the training but provide that the experience must offer a candidate the opportunity to develop the competencies and skills required in practice. The qualifying work experience aspect will become much more flexible under the new route. It still requires 2 years of full time work but the experience can now be gained with up to 4 different employers across the 2 years.

Will my divorce case have to go through the courts?

In the event it is not possible to come to an agreement, we are able to guide through the process of taking the matter to a family court. We understand all legal aspects related to civil partnerships, from pre-civil partnership agreements to dissolution petitions. Our experienced lawyers will offer guidance and advice to find the arrangement that’s best for you.

  • When you’ve put your trust into a medical professional and you’re let down, this can be difficult to deal with, especially as you want answers as to why it happened.
  • We understand all legal aspects related to civil partnerships, from pre-civil partnership agreements to dissolution petitions.
  • Our family law solicitors can support by putting in place arrangements for your children in a professional but sympathetic manner.
  • Our expert team understand how confusing the complaint procedure is, therefore, they will be by your side every step of the way to assist and help you.
  • We live in a global community where traveling and communicating between countries is fast and easy.

Our Vision is to provide accessible, personal, professional legal representation to our clients in our local office. We believe every individual and business client deserves our utmost attention to their legal matter to achieve their goal in the most direct and cost-efficient way possible. Before approaching a law firm, it’s a good idea to check your eligibility for legal aid. If you think you may be able to get it, then make sure you ask any firm you approach if they work with legal aid clients as not all lawyers do. We understand how daunting it can feel to have to approach a divorce lawyer to discuss formally ending your marriage.

Are nuptial agreements binding?

You need to be confident that you can resolve any contentious issues amicably. If the above matters have all been settled or terms agreed for inclusion in your Separation Agreement then you should have little difficulty in finalising the document with the assistance of a solicitor. We know you will want to know how much your legal advice will cost, so we are committed to confirming costs of our services to you in writing.

Family law

Going through divorce or separation can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life. The court will only become involved with matters relating to children were there is a dispute between the parents. When a couple separate, they are encouraged to try and reach an agreement regarding the arrangements for where the children will live and how often they will see the other parent. If an agreement cannot be reached that it is open for either parent to make an application to the court for a child arrangements order. Choosing the right divorce lawyer means that you’ll have a clear direction at each stage of the process, from a professional that you can trust. It means that you’ll always have an experienced advocate on your side to assert your best interests .

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