Help needed in a small mountain travel agency in family atmosphere in Latacunga, Ecuador

You would be accommodated in Shalala lodge for about a week. If you are flying in to Geneva on the Swiss side, we do not recommend you hire a car from the French side as this can be difficult to access. It is not impossible, it just adds time to your pick up and drop off and getting back to the right side of the terminal. Steering you in the right direction and helping book your travel… Mountain biking on high altitude trails (e.g. Himalayan or Alpine destinations over 3000m).

  • Forannual multi-trip insurance, cancellation cover starts when you book each trip or on the start date entered here and shown on your Insurance Schedule, if this is later.
  • We’re travelling to resorts in the Alps where there are no public hospitals, and we’re participating in sports where there is a reasonable chance of injury.
  • Includes cover for medical and repatriation costs, trip cancellation, plus more.
  • Our travel insurance policies include cover for Covid 19, emergency medical care, and other expenses such as cancellation and curtailment related to COVID 19.

Its mudbrick construction, climbing streets and 17th-century kasbah turrets are so preposterously perfect that it spawned a local film industry. Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator and Game of Thrones are just some of the productions shot here since the 1950s. The traditional mudbrick Chez Momo II employs 15 local families. It feels luxurious, but is also deeply rooted in Amazigh culture. Plump olives hang low on trees framing a large pool, and there’s rooftop sunset yoga. At bedtime, I was lulled to sleep by the scent of wood-smoke and orange blossom, and a soothing crackle and pop from the glowing hearth.

Gray Malin’s dreamy holiday snapshots

There’s an extra 20mm travel up front compared to the Epic, which helps slacken the razor-sharp steering to make it less twitchy at high speeds. At the back there’s 10mm more travel, which helps with comfort and traction. The carbon frame is sleek with a classic shape and an excellent choice of sizes, so you can be sure to get the right fit. You’ll need tighter reins compared to a true down-country bike, but the Epic Evo is more than capable of winning on Sunday, shredding on Monday.

There are some outliers than we allow into the down-country fold. Otherwise the whole thing just gets far too close to a regular trail bike. So, no Norco Optic or Nukeproof Reactor 290c ST. Too trail-bikey.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como

We even offer you cover if you have to withdraw from an event, which prevents you from being out of pocket for expensive entry fees. Make sure you choose the correct cycling activity on our product to ensure you get this cover. GHIC card protection is only valid if you are taken to a state hospital. Most mountain resorts usually have private hospitals, and state hospitals are rare in most of Spain and Portugal. On some of our expedition trips, the unexpected can happen, because after all, this is Adventure Travel. If you’re new to mountain biking or maybe just looking for some inspiration for your next adventure, then be sure to have a look at 5 of the most incredible places to ride according to Redbull.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series Padded Golf Wheeled Travel Flight Cover

For full details of these and the other activities we cover. For a family policy with two adults, your first child will be added to the policy for half the price, and any more will be added for free. The same discount is available for single-parent families where you pay for one adult. EHIC/GHIC card protection is only valid if you are taken to a state hospital in Europe.

Nomadic camel herders traverse the narrow ravines and high plateaux around Morocco’s third-highest peak, Jebel M’Goun, but tourists are a novelty. That’s what makes this vigorous trekking trip — journeying southwards across the arid High Atlas before finally emerging into the pink-petalled Valley of Roses — so exciting. Expect plenty of river wading and vertiginous rock faces. You’ll see two classic kasbahs and finish in Marrakesh after the seven-day walk. Our Sports Travel Insurance policy provides up to £5,600 worth of equipment cover as an optional add-on.

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