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We would also like to send you useful information about studying at University and/or the courses that you have shown an interest in. To do this we need your consent and information on which communication channels you would like to hear from us on (please see opt-in boxes above). Upon submitting this form, your enquiry will be forwarded on to our enquiries team who will contact you to answer your question and provide further details about the course that you are interested in. We would be delighted to talk to you about your work experience and qualifications, and help you to explore your options for study with us. Our Single Honours BSc Computer Science course is accredited by BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT. This accreditation is on the condition that a student must pass the final year project with a mark of 40% or above.

  • Both back-end and front-end developers may use the same development environments or IDEs in their works.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three main languages used in front-end development.
  • You will graduate with a wide range of computing skills plus a highly developed approach to problem solving.
  • Over which time I have found the service to be first rate both in speed of service, advice and cost.

This means that if you have your website designed for computers only, you’ll lose half of the traffic that comes to your webpage. As well as a many smaller but locally established companies providing web and other digital services to media and health concerns. You could benefit from financial support through a bursary or scholarship during your time as a student.

Understanding People: Applying Behavioural Science to Business

This could potentially mean increased or fully online delivery, should such restrictions on in-person contact time be required. The module will, where appropriate, make use of well-known research papers and journals in computer graphics and animation, to help you develop your critical thinking skills, as well as your research and development skills. We are living in a digital age where all of our lives are impacted by computer sciences and digital technologies, from cyber security and computational intelligence to games and visual effects.

This interface is capable of recording events such as clicks, transitions, some effects… However, this web can not store and retrieve data . If you do not know HTML then you will be visible because of the inability to create web interactions. User Interface Design is the development of graphics, illustrations, and the usage of photographic artwork and typography to improve the appearance and arrangement of a digital product across its many device perspectives. Interface elements are composed of input controls (buttons, drop-down menus, data fields), navigational components , and information components (text boxes, buttons, drop-down menus, data fields, etc). Front-end developers are able to use javascript libraries, styling preprocessors, and frameworks to fasten the process of development.

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Media queries work similarly to the “if-clauses.” So, it’s basically checking if the screen’s viewports are wide enough or too wide and then executing the appropriate code. Basically, in 2021 half of all the traffic comes from smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices. Most courses will involve some additional costs that are not covered by your fees. From September 2022, those students living in the UK or Republic of Ireland, and EU nationals with settled status in the UK, will be considered Home students. We’ve invested in the best facilities for your next step into a computing career. And many other computing-specialist areas of industry, finance and commerce.

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If you enjoyed this and are searching for more innovation, technology, and leadership news, check out the rest of our blog. If you think your fingers would be an accurate measure, there are several choices of laptop computers and tablets that will allow you to work that way. Retina is technically a term only used by Apple, but it’s the cream of the crop of high-pixel density display. Retina displays are used to make text and images appear extraordinarily sharp.

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