So why not spend the extra time amongst family and friends here on Brownsea? See our pick of the picnic spots and other ideas for your half term adventure. The results are published this month in the Nature journal Scientific Reports. However, many seabird species are listed as endangered, threatened or near-threatened, with albatross numbers on the island declining rapidly. For painted kitchens, dark blues and grays are ideal for kitchen islands, helping to add depth to an otherwise plain design. While more modern schemes include burnished metal trims and handles alongside clean white and gray kitchen cabinet ideas.

This year we have a special new arrival…the iconic Official Love Water Bottle is back with an exclusive colour. Available to personalise in gold, it’s the bombshell that’s turning heads this series. Lots of staff around to help security as well and on the whole a really good day. Have to mention how great all the ride staff were at @Adv_Island today. If you enjoy your visit, keep hold of your receipt and wristband and you can upgrade to an annual pass.

Enjoy access to more than 500 places with National Trust membership. Join today and help protect nature, beauty and history — for everyone, for ever. There’s plenty of souvenirs to browse through at the Trading Post. Pick up a necker, badge or postcard and your purchase will contribute towards keeping the island special.

The National Trust have teamed up with the Dorset Wildlife Trust to guide you on an exciting nocturnal adventure. Join one of our volunteers for a free guided talk about Brownsea’s past and present. From eccentric island characters to modern-day conservation, it’s a great way to learn more about the island. Click this link to check availability and buy your tickets to Brownsea.

Wine coolers built into a kitchen island are a great investment, as they will free-up space in the refrigerator as well as the worktop while keeping your wine in optimum condition. A kitchen island is a fabulous opportunity to incorporate fresh kitchen color ideas. ‘Islands are an eye-catching feature in a kitchen but they can eat up a substantial amount of space,’ says Smith. ‘So when thinking about adding one into design, it is important to consider the available space and the circulation area around the island. If you’ve fallen in love with your countertop material, why stop at just one surface?

With only 3 houses, no roads or traffic noise pollution, no light pollution, no telephones or TV vying for your attention and few or no people it is the perfect place to escape the pressures of modern life and truly switch off. Ideal for reconnecting with the natural world, family, friends or just yourself. Bird Island Research Station is an important centre for research into bird and seal biology. Lying off the north-west tip of South Georgia, Bird Island is one of the richest wildlife sites in the world. The research station, active since 1957, was completely redeveloped in 2005 and today provides accommodation for 10 staff.

When considering size, think about the space you’ll need beyond it. In this kitchen by interior designer Amanda Evans , a showstopping apron-front sink becomes a key feature in the design, emphasizing the rustic roots of the design’s contemporary take on farmhouse style. If you opt for an island configuration like this, choose between a conventional table height with chairs for seating for the dining area, or keep this element at the same height as the rest of the island and use barstools as here. With the latter choice, upholstered barstools with backs are the most comfortable option.

You can do this up to a week after your visit and we will use your previous purchase against the cost of the annual pass. Start your married life in luxury and enjoy a complimentary honeymoon when you book your wedding with us at Monkey Island Estate. Monkey Island Estate has an intriguing history dating back 800 years from medieval times. Monkey Island Estate lies on a picturesque island in the River Thames in the historic village of Bray, Berkshire. The island has a rich history centuries old, and has been the haunt of monarchs, aristocrats and artists, along with writers, famous performers and Berkshire locals and now is home to one of the finest hotels in Bray. I read this as it’s supposed to offer the antidote to Brave New World and while it does that by offering a utopian world rather than a dystopian world the contrast is very contrived and forced.

Step onto the island of Inujima in this exhibition which explores how an extraordinary living art project is transforming the island’s landscape and lives of its inhabitants. Kitchen island ideas are a golden opportunity to up the storage space in your kitchen, so ensure you work it into both sides of a deep unit. The change of pace offered by an island often encourages a change of material, introducing another dimension to your kitchen design. You might afford to be braver here with a bolder finish or colorway, or perhaps a more expensive material that would be prohibitive across an entire kitchen. It also makes serving food and drinks easier, so this design is perfect for those who love to entertain. For example, a surface used for food prep might be kept as stone, whereas wood might be used for breakfast bar ideas – like in this particular kitchen.

‘The kitchen is the heart of the home social life, and it’s important to consider the comfort of the cook. ‘Islands tend to become the home theater of cooking, putting the cook at the center of the layout,’ says Graeme Smith. When all eyes are on the island at meal times, every part of it – from the breakfast bar to smaller details like the appliances and the hardware along with the kitchen island lighting ideas – need to be well-considered design-wise. Think outside the box when designing a kitchen island with a dynamic shape that’s totally unique. ‘It’s a brave move to step beyond classic rectangular designs but the pay-off can be huge in terms of visual impact. Here, we designed the island to look like a beautiful piece of furniture.

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