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Applications could be for shopping, real estate, interior design or amusing Face Time masks. Around 25 countries were represented in the survey including the US, Australia, Korea and Japan but the majority (90%) came from European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland and Spain. Participants filled out an online survey with specific questions around strategic digital intent in 2016.

  • A question the human reporter might ask when looking the data is ‘who has committed the most serious offence?
  • Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia with a lively and diverse media sector.
  • Celebrating London Met’s Big Ideas Entrepreneurs and social innovators from across the University were highlighted at the Big Idea Challenge awards ceremony.
  • Many people have claimed the days of buying the national paper, and ritually reading it on the train to work, are numbered; we will sooner or later have to accept digital versions of news.

Hackers from Saudi Arabia and Iran have been engaging in tit for tat attacks on banks and government computers systems for much of the last year . Expect 2017 to be a year where there is far more focus on algorithmic accountability and more journalistic questioning of artificial intelligence, the use of data and the power of technology companies. As computers increasingly select what news stories we receive, recommend where we eat, where we stay and how we travel there, there will be more demands for transparency, regulation and independent human oversight of the processes. The more fragmented media landscape is making it increasingly critical that television viewing is captured in a platform independent way.

School of Computing and Digital Media Summer Show

Degree requirementsBachelors degree from a public university with second-class lower division. We’ll make all reasonable efforts to provide you with the courses, services and facilities described in this prospectus. However, if we need to make material changes, for example due to significant disruption, or in response to COVID-19, we’ll let our students know as soon as possible. Coupled with this agenda we also have representatives from within the faculty acting as Ambassadors for the Women in Games initiative. These links allow our students to actively participate in events that encourage and promote engagement from women and girls in STEM related areas.

At the moment, they are black and white, but researchers are looking for ways to produce them in colour, without compromising quality, and offering video, without eating up battery life. When ads look as compelling on the e-reader as they do in print, this could provide a superior source of revenue compared with that available online. It is certainly a highly targeted form of media, but the work involved in such targeting could be overwhelming. The people involved might need exceptional dedication to produce so many niche products. Moreover, advertisers need to be convinced that the blogs are valued, and that their advertising efforts show a measurable return. Whenever there is a trend, in this case away from printing and towards blogging, there’s a bright spark who decides to buck it – and print blogs.

Trust in news on social media

Beyond that they’ll be working on features to allow users to have better control of what appears in the news feed. Last year, we also highlighted the rise of the bots and the trend towards conversational journalism. In February, Quartz surprised everyone with its conversational app that behaved like a bot.


Even so, these are examples of the challenges many sites face in the era of Web 2.0 and beyond. The international data visualisation conference took place between Sunday 24th and Friday 29th October 2021. Justine is a freelance photographer and traveller, having photographed in over 25 countries. Her images have appeared in The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Huffington Post, the BBC, as well as a number of international publications for travel photography. Whilst the rise of citizen media and journalism allows for plentiful opportunities, the space has now become congested, often with questionable content.

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