Souvenir: 5 Balinese Foods for Holiday Souvenirs

Souvenir: 5 Balinese Foods for Holiday Souvenirs

Souvenir: 5 Balinese Foods for Holiday Souvenirs

SOUVENIR- The year 2022 is a breath of fresh air for the world of tourism, and Indonesia is no exception. This year, Indonesia is hosting various world-class events. One of them is the G20 meeting in Nusa Dua, Bali in October-November.

Bali was chosen because it is already known as a world-class tourist destination. How not, the Island of the Gods is arguably a complete package. In addition to charming tourist attractions, Bali also has world-class accommodations and culinary delights, as well as unique and unique #BanggaBuatanIndonesia products.

The G20 event and its supporting events certainly contribute to boosting tourist visits to Bali. Moreover, according to Kemenparekraf, this support by the program for developing destinations, creative products, and natural resources in Bali that they are carrying out.

Now, let’s discuss what foods that can use to be souvenirs while on holiday in Bali. This is the recommendation!

Gilimanuk Betutu Chicken

Ayam Betutu contains cassava leaves and spices such as candlenut, galangal, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, coriander, kencur, nutmeg, shrimp paste, and salt. The innards from the chicken are cleaned and removed before processing.

Milk Pie

Milk pie is one of the prima donnas that must be a souvenir while on vacation to Bali. The slightly crunchy texture and slightly moist and sweet filling can make you hypnotized by the flavors on offer. Don’t be afraid to run out, because usually, they will sell milk pies from various brands.


Bakpia is not only available in Yogyakarta, but also in Bali. There are various kinds of bak pia that you can find in Bali, some well-known brands are Pia Legong and Pia Agung. The shape tends to be bigger and thicker when compared to Bakpia Yogyakarta.

The skin itself is quite thick and crunchy, the filling is also various. Starting from green beans, and chocolate, to cheese. Bakpia is really suitable if eaten together with coffee or tea to accompany your days.

Finding this pia is fairly easy because you can look for it at the souvenir shop. There you can find various tubs of pia from various brands that you can take home for your loved ones.

Koro Beans

Bali is also famous for its nuts, and Kangan is a typical Balinese souvenir. One of them is koro beans which are roasted or fried as a snack.

The seasoning of the koro bean itself is fairly simple, usually, the snack seasoning only consists of salt. The shape itself is flat and yellow-brown in color. Koro beans are a good source of nutrients to support cardiovascular health.

The fiber in koro beans can help improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The magnesium in koro beans also helps lower blood pressure levels, which is one of the main causes of heart disease.

With a crunchy texture, these nuts are perfect if eaten while watching TV, chatting, or relaxing with tea. You can get these snacks at various souvenir shops in Bali, right!

Dodol Buleleng

Maybe this is a rare gift. And indeed this is not just any lunkhead, this lunkhead wrapped in dry corn leaves has a sweet taste and a tantalizing aroma.

Dodol sells well and at religious ceremonies, serves this Dodol as a dish. This food made from black sticky rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar has a sweet taste from brown sugar, a legit texture, and a savory taste obtained from coconut milk.

The process of making dodol is still very traditional in the home industry in the Buleleng area, north Bali. Don’t be afraid, if you store this lunkhead it can last up to 3 weeks, you know!

Well, that’s a recommendation for delicious souvenirs that will make you miss Bali all the time. Buying souvenirs is also easy, you know! All you have to do is stop by the gift seller to support #ProudIndonesian and drive the people’s economy. In this way, in addition to the happy recipients of the gifts, the creative economy will also grow.

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