These 5 reasons why trains are vehicles for Traveling

These 5 reasons why trains are vehicles for Traveling

These 5 reasons why trains are vehicles for Traveling

Traveling- Without a mode of transportation, you cannot move from one tourist destination to another, or even between two places at the same time.

The train is one of the most reliable modes of transportation to date. Although traveling by plane feels much more practical, of course, there are reasons why traveling by train will give you a much different experience.

Well, here are 5 reasons why taking the train can be very fun and a smart choice for travelers.

Anti Jam

Compared to taking a bus or private car, it is clear that traveling by train will be free from traffic jams. The train has its own lane, so your trip will avoid heavy traffic. One way, the train does not stop, except at the stopover station and its final destination. When crossing the middle of a busy highway, the train can still run because it requires other vehicles to stop waiting for the train to pass.

Doesn’t Drain Wallet

The reason traveling by train is more profitable, of course, is that the price is much friendlier. Especially when compared to airplane tickets. So, you can allocate more funds to make traveling more exciting.

Practical and Convenient

Don’t imagine traveling by train is complicated and uncomfortable because now traveling by train is very comfortable and practical. With a more comfortable seating area, you don’t need to be afraid of overheating because even economy class is now equipped with air conditioning.

Beautiful Natural Scene

During the trip, you will see beautiful natural scenery. From hills, and rice fields to rural settlements that are still beautiful. It’s a beautiful sight and will not be boring. Besides that, you can also see the beautiful blue sky of Indonesia. So you can overcome boredom by just looking out the window.

Book Tickets Easy

Unlike in the past, people have to go to the trouble of cramming into lines at the train station counters to get tickets. Now, technological advances from PT KAI (Indonesian Railways) offer more ways to book train tickets that are very easy.

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