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Around the mountains, a car will be required to explore, but for the Saxony region itself, trains and busses offer good connections. Beyond the Skiing though, which is at the top of the mountains some 30-minutes Gondola ride from the resort town, you’ll find all you need with restaurants, bars, rental shops and other activities like ice-skating. There is also a beautiful old town with lots of traditional buildings, house museums, and a small but stunning Orthodox church.

Peculiar museums, epic view points, medieval history. Erfurt airport has limited seasonal flights, but Frankfurt airport provides train transfers in under two hours, and discounted train tickets are offered to those staying in the region. Durham is well connected to London and Edinburgh via train, and Newcastle International Airport is a short drive or public transport connection away.

One of our favorite off-the-beaten-path destinations in the U.S. is Boise, Idaho. While almost everyone knows the city, not many people put it on their list when thinking of places to vacation, which makes it the perfect vacation spot if you want to avoid big tourist crowds. The city of Bayfield, Wisconsin, located on the shore of Lake Superior, is the main starting point for exploring the lakeshore. Make sure to spend at least one day here, and take photographs of the historic mansions. Some of them were converted into hotels, thus they are the perfect places to stay.

Other seasonal activities include boating, lake cruises, hikes, ice-fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling. To cool off in the summers, numerous public beaches allow access to the lake. The state’s largest lake makes for a relaxing escape in the summer and a leaf-peeper’s delight in the fall, but not many are aware that it also makes for an enchanting visit in the late winters during the maple sugar season. The lake is close to severalNew Hampshire maple sugar houses, and a chance to taste fresh syrup makes bundling up in the snow worth the while. This town is right along the historic Lewis and Clark Trail and an hour’s drive from Big Hole Battlefield. You can also check out some of the ghost towns nearby, and even go looking for gold and sapphires, like the miners that lived in those towns.

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