WINTER- When entering winter, it’s not only health factors that you have to pay attention to. There are also other factors, one of which is fashion and the outfit you wear. Check out what winter fashion tips are when you go on vacation below.


Not only does it look stylish in your winter appearance, but using turtleneck clothes also gives a warm feeling to the neck. The use of clothing colors on turtlenecks is usually identical to neutral colors (not colorful).

Overseas, turtlenecks are usually used instead of shirts and ties. An American tech engineer, Steve Jobs, is one of those people who likes to wear turtlenecks when relaxing or presenting at his company.

Long John

These clothes use thick materials, but there are also thin ones. Usually prepares Long John for winter. The function of this clothing is a double (layer) to keep the body warm.

So after wearing underwear, then wearing long john. After that, just wear extraordinary clothes or jackets. If you go on vacation in winter, it’s a good idea to bring two to three pairs at a time to stay comfortable while on vacation.


There are many types of head coverings. However, the right wear for winter is a beanie, a hat without a hug. In Indonesia, the name is skullcap.

Beanie is a thick cloth, it can also be made of leather or silk. In addition to covering the head, the skullcap can also cover the ears. Ears are very sensitive when exposed to cold or hot air. So you try to buy a beanie that can also cover your ears.


A scarf is a piece of cloth placed around the neck or head that serves to warm that part of the body. In Indonesia, the name is a shawl. At first glance scarf and scarf do look the same. But what makes the difference is the material.

Scarves are usually made of thin materials such as chiffon, silk, and t-shirts. As for the scarf, it is made of wool, which functions as a body warmer. The size of the scarf or scarf is usually rectangular.


Another alternative to a jacket, you can use a sweater in winter. The sweater at first glance looks like a jacket, the difference is the material. If the jacket uses a thick material, most sweaters use a soft material.

Some types of sweaters use zippers and some don’t. For in winter it is better to use a sweater with wool. You are also free to choose the color of the sweater because the color is also good in all conditions.

Long Coat

A coat or so-called coat is clothing that is also almost the same as a jacket. But the length of the jacket is only around the waist. While the length of the coat is usually above the knee.

Apart from wearing it in winter, wearing a coat makes you look fashionable and Korean style. Especially combined with wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. You can also occasionally use a suit with a batik or other motif to make it look modern and different from the others.

Shoes and Socks

Last but not least, shoes and socks should not go unnoticed. You can wear any type of shoes. But if you are in a very cold or snowy place, you should use boots that are specifically for winter.

Choosing boots can also not be arbitrary. You have to look for good quality and not easily damaged. Choose one that is waterproof and airtight to keep your feet dry. And most importantly, your shoes should be comfortable to wear for the winter holidays.

Those are winter fashion tips that can use when going on vacation. Of course, you have to be smart in choosing these items. Because the more quality, the more comfortable you will be when you enjoy your winter vacation.

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